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Grantland Posters

Details: Posters are 11 X 14-1/4 inches and printed on 80-pound white gloss cover stock.

Pricing:  $8.95 per poster, with a minimum order of 6 posters
                Volume discounts available for orders of 26 or more posters.
                Call 1-434-964-1238 for details.

Handling & shipping: $7.95 per order of up to 25 posters for US delivery.
               (Non-US shipping costs will be based on international rates.)
               Want it faster than First Class Mail? Call 1-434-964-1238.

Delivery: Allow 6-8 business days for delivery within the United States.

Returns:  If you're not satisfied for any reason, return your posters within
                  30 days for a full refund (non-custom and non-logo posters only.)

Order by using the "Add to Cart" link under each poster image or filling out and sending us this Safety Poster Order Sheet. Allow 5-8 business days for delivery.

Want to print the posters yourself? Please contact us for pricing and terms on getting the right to print a limited number of posters from our .pdf files.

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To order posters directly or to get more information,
e-mail us at or contact us at
2408 Brook Road
Charlottesville, VA 22901.
Tel: 1+434-964-1238....Fax:1+434-964-1298

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