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250+ Safety Cartoons w/ Safety Tips

GRANTLAND "combines creativity and humor with important topics and issues."
Sharon Mansfield, Georgia-Pacific

Looking for great safety reminders? Our cartoons combine safety tips with images and humor. They're designed to reach employees who ignore standard safety messages.

Keep Safety Fresh!tm
Use Safety Cartoons.

(Small business and volume discounts available.)

Our safety topics are listed below. Click to view the cartoons:

General Safety(2 pages)
Confined Space
Driving Safety
Electrical Safety
Equipment Safety
Eye Safety
Fire Safety
First Aid
Forklift Safety
Hard Hats & Other Protective Gear
Hearing Safety
Ladder & Scaffold Safety
Lifting Safety
Office Safety (2 pages)
Repetitive Stress
Slipping, Tripping, and Falling
Tool Safety
Miscellaneous Safety (2 pages)

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Safety Cartoons
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Testimonials on this and other pages were accumulated over years of doing safety cartoons from
survey respondents who gave us permission to quote them with attribution.

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Our safety cartoons may not be reproduced without written permission.
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Additional Safety Cartoons